Revelation of 2017 with the mixtape Enfants Terribles, Columbine releases today his first album, Adieu Bientôt. Figureheads of a collective based in the suburbs of Rennes, Foda C and Lujipeka embody the perfect response of modern teenagers in the face of a world that falls into ruins. Adieu Bientôt digs the groove of a white-trash teenage depression, the madness and sadness of a crew at the Odd Future. An entire (a)e(sthe)t(h)ic(s) contained in the blaze and the logo of the duo: a killing in an American high school and the will to get through it. It is a tension, a bit of despair but also a dreamy humanism, an altruistic individualism, an air rifle: the dove and the Kalashnikov in the same breath.

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