HeART Over Lockdown


Walk and Art in Windows
This special exhibition brings art, local commerce and all of us closer together again. With Art Paintings created during the lockdown the artist Yann AWAY presents the different perspectives of life during the Lockdown. Selected creations are guiding you through a tour through the local shops and restaurants around St. Boniface Church. The project aims to support the local commerce by sharing the returns of the sold pieces. But it also aims to create a special event and a different social experience together!
In this exhibition, there is Antoine Beguié Photographer who proposes 2 photos

Artistic walk from the beginning at Rue Longue vie, pass through Rue Bouré to end at Rue Anoul
- Shop Zigida (rue longue vie 7B)
- La laakam (rue longue vie 18)
- O’LIFE ( rue longue vie 36)
- Oscar Vegan (rue bouré 6)
- La pépite blues (rue anoul 30)

Bron: UiTinVlaanderen.be

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