Match BENEFIT Take-out & Delivery

Markt of braderie

International Women's Day BENEFIT TAKE-OUT/DELIVERY.
Order latest on Friday 5.3.2021 and pick up your package on Monday 8.3.2021 at our pick-up point Khadija Lamarti (from 17:30-19:30) or enjoy our delivery service (somewhere between 18:00-21:00).
Support Match & make yourself and loved ones happy!

"Cooking is love made visible."
All of our dishes are home-made! Warm-up before you set your table.
Cooked & taken care of with the necessary safety measures.
Check our Support shop! Other Match stuff can be ordered and delivered before and after the benefit.
Adress pick-up point: Hairdresser Khadija Lamarti, Rue Haute 11, 1000 BXL.

Why are we organizing this event?
To continue our fire we need your help & support!
Let's connect, support each other and amplify each other's voices!

Our fight for more equality and crush gender roles/norms isn't on hold. We need to get more types of people at the decision table across all industries if we want a less heteronormative and a more equal society. A place where everyone can become the best version of themselves - in sports, in the art scene, in business, in politics, research, tech…
We might as well have fun while changing the world.

Check our insta account for extra updates: Match Belgium
Tell the world about Match and we will love you forever. Pinky promise!

Match is a proud member of Cavaria and Rainbowhouse Brussels.
Special thanks to: Khadija Lamarti //// BARONESS Beverage Catering //// Studio Monte ///// EM Solar //// Curieus //// Everyone that has helped making this possible.

Praktische informatie

Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest (pick-up point: Khadija Lamarti, 1000 BXL) Rue Haute 11 1000 Brussel


€ 300,0 Basistarief: 300 €